Not a Scarf

sewing hobbies pouch photography-1969

Who needs a scarf when you have a little random pencil/make-up/jewelry holder pouch thing?

I don’t know why I thought (and wrote) that we were going to make a scarf during my sewing class.  I went back and read the description of the class and it doesn’t say a thing about a scarf. I have my crap together as usual. I guess I just wanted to make a scarf…but look at my pouch!  Look at that beautiful mess!  It’s not even sewn straight but I’m so proud. It’s basically just two pieces of scrap fabric sewn together so that we could learn the machine.  We weren’t concerned about measurements, a lining, etc.  All of that comes later.

sewing hobbies pouch photography-1971

My class was really fun.  I learned how to thread the machine and we went through the different steps to make this (unfinished) case. There was something really therapeutic about trying to guide the fabric so that the thread was straight.  I failed at that, but it was still therapeutic.  I would show you a close-up of my failure but I do not own a macro lens yet to take any close-ups. I’ll cut myself some slack since it was a first attempt.

This class also answered two sewing mysteries for me.  If my brain could process patterns and the whole “sewing fabric inside-out and then turning it right side out” thing, I probably could have figured out the answers on my own. Actually, I’m lying, I wouldn’t have figured it out and now that I know the answers, I feel sad and dumb because it’s pretty simple.

1) What if your zipper is longer than your fabric? How do you size a zipper?

You open the zipper half-way first and then sew it in and cut off the excess, idiot.

2) How do you make the bottom of a bag flat so that it stands up on a flat surface?

You sew the bottom edges of the fabric so that the corners are pinched and then turn it right side out…idiot.

sewing hobbies pouch photography-1972

sewing hobbies pouch photography-1974

Now you all know, too.  You’re welcome.

My instructor was great and I really like some of the other classes that the BCAE (Boston Center for Adult Education) offers.  I might take more sewing and other classes.  I recommend checking them out if you’re a creative soul who earns a paycheck doing non-creative things like me. I know, I know…being employed – LIFE IS SO HARD.  (By the way, this isn’t one of those fancy sponsored posts that real bloggers do where the BCAE paid me to say nice things.  They don’t know me.  There are like, three people reading this blog so no sponsorship here.  Plus, they’re a non-profit – it doesn’t even make sense that they would pay me, use your head.)

Now I’m looking into getting a used sewing machine to make some more things, like a damn scarf! I’m hoping to continue with this instead of adding it to the list of hobbies that I did for a month and then stopped. Photography stuck (thank god, because if not, who would take photos of the flawed results of all my new hobbies) so maybe there is hope.

On to the next class – shibori dyeing. I’m not kidding. I signed up for that too. My brain needs this stuff!  Here are more pouch pics:

sewing hobbies pouch photography-1976

sewing hobbies pouch photography-1975

Til next time, three people reading this!

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