Recently, in Insta-land

I joined instagram shortly after it was released (cause I’m THAT cool) and I’ve loved it ever since.  I know there is some hate out there because people take ordinary photos and filter the crap out of them (which I’m guilty of as well), but I think it inspires people to be creative every day when they normally wouldn’t have an outlet.  I do wish users who constantly post selfies would be banned though. After you learn to turn the camera the other way once in a while, you can come back in, but until then, you kids get off my lawn! Anyway…the “gram” is one of the few things I still view through rose colored glasses (which I’m surprised isn’t a filter).

My two favorite editing/filtering tools for instagram pics are VSCOcam and PicTapGo.  PicTapGo is a little easier to navigate than VSCOcam and you can save your “recipes,” but I like VCSOcam’s editing tools better and they even let you create a grid where you can curate your own photos (oh, you fancy, huh).  VSCO curates a grid feed as well and there are some incredible images on there. Both are worth checking out unless you are a strictly “no filter” type of person. #respect.

Hopefully I can get it together enough to make this a regular post.  I know everyone is SO INTERESTED.

I wanted to make this a cool professional looking collage but I ran out of time.  In the spirit of Friday and getting crap done instead of waiting until it’s perfect, here’s what’s been happening in insta-land, in non-collage form:


More pics from the Jersey shore.  I didn’t bring my camera to the beach because I didn’t feel like looking after it. Then I got down to the sand and regretted it.


This next one is probably a good example of a picture people hate because of the filter.  I don’t really care.  The heart wants what the heart wants, and that day, my heart wanted pink.




AFFOGATO! It’s just ice cream and espresso.  Perfect combo. Favorite dessert.


Drew’s dream in life was to take a water taxi, so we did…on the worst day to do such an activity.  A little stormy.  We lived to tell the tale.


I use my friend for his roof deck.


In short – date night. Tapas restaurant. Extremely tiny utensils. Still funny to me.



Glad Friday finally got here.  May your weekend feel longer than two days…in a good way :)

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