Get ur peep on

As you can see, the blog has taken on a different look which is still being edited. I’ll spare you an entire blog post on why I needed to change hosts, domains, layout, etc. In short – I don’t know what I’m doing and can’t afford to hire help and I’M BITTER ABOUT IT.



IT’S FALL!!!  So, last weekend, we took a trip up to Franconia, NH to do some leaf peeping.  Oh, and to attend a wedding and also to half-ass our 6 year wedding anniversary which consisted of ordering Indian food and renting the worst movie ever (Neighbors) on Friday, and then hopping in the car to climb Mt. Washington on Saturday before the wedding. That’s the traditional celebration for your sixth wedding anniversary, right?

Climbing Mt. Washington in the car is both amazing and terrifying. I don’t mind heights, I just don’t like ledges, but it was worth it. They even give you a CD to educate you about Mt. Washington’s history and varying climates. I think it’s to secretly disctract you from the fact that with one slip of the steering wheel you will plummet to your death.  Eventually, your cold sweat dries, and you start to take in the scenes of Mt. Washington. You also get the famous “This car almost fell off the edge of climbed Mt. Washington.” I didn’t understand the bumper sticker pride until we made it back down to the bottom.

I took some shots as we climbed our way up. I’m openly admitting here that I committed a cardinal sin of photography in not checking my camera settings before I started shooting and accidentally left them on the settings I was using to shoot a wedding reception in low lighting. So, my ISO was pretty high, I should have noticed it, but didn’t really notice until I was at the top. What can I say, I was in “weekend getaway” mode.

When I started to edit them, I kind of liked the grainy texture. It was a happy accident I guess. If I were smart I would have just posted these and said “LOOK AT MY NEW CAMERA TECHNIQUE I AM A GENIUS” but truth be told, I effed up.  I also discovered that I have some spots on my lenses and need to get them cleaned. I’ll add that to the growing list of “crap to do.” GIVE ME A BREAK, PEOPLE.

Alas, here are my beautiful effed up photos.


The photo above is the one I really really really messed up on but I kind of love it. I think I accidentally sped up the shutter speed. This photo makes me want to photograph on top of the mountain at night. I don’t know if they let you do that but I’m researching it. The stars are probably out of this world….get it?


I think this is Drew pondering life. Although, he could be thinking about the drive back down and trying not to throw up over the side of the mountain.


Yup. I think it’s the latter.


This is the Tip Top house, the oldest surviving building on the summit of Mt. Washington.


This is me trying to take a photo without my sunglasses in direct sunlight when I can’t go without sunglasses even on a cloudy day. It did not go well.


This is the little train you can take at the top which also looks terrifying…but cool.


In other news – I’m in the middle of editing wedding photos this week so a post on the latest wedding is coming up soon. Also, there is a pile of fabric samples from my shibori dye class waiting to be dyed this Sunday. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

It’s fall. Get ur (leaf) peep on.


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